Greenville Drive-In’s custom beer garden made from shipping pallets.

IMG_6447 IMG_6449 IMG_6450Two weeks and a bunch of saw-zall blades later… We perfected the dismantling of pallets so that we could use the whole Pallet and nothing but the whole pallet. We also learned which pallets not to use such as the Pallets marked MB for Methyl Bromide. A good rule of thumb is to not use any unstamped pallets as they may be poisonous. What you want to use are the ones marked HT(heat-treated)

The dimensions of the complete garden are roughly 35′ x 40′ x 35′ x 40′. The back wall is slightly reclined custom pallet seating for your viewing pleasure. The far wall and front wall are fence using existing pallets, and the near wall is made up of planters.

Pallet seating finished with stain, custom cushions, new retro spealers that are wired for sound. (Click on pic to take you to the Drive-in)

Pallet seating finished with stain and custom cushions