Trinity Hall Table*

*Built with 4″ x12″ beams that were salvaged from the Trinity Church bell tower in lower Manhattan. The church was erected in the 1850’s putting the age of the wood well over 200 years old.

Two Door Armoire

Armoire with double door entry, made with seven vintage doors, twenty two vintage hinges, copper rod, six doorknobs, and one doorbell. 79″h x 70″w x 33″deep. Interior shelves are also made out of reclaimed tack board (used in the leather industry to tack and dry the hides on). It is very easy to take apart and put back together in the event of moving. This armoire now lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

All door armoires are made to order, with customized interiors to fit your needs.

Trinity Dining Set*

Custom Trinity Beam Mantle*

Trinity_Beam_Mantle3 Trinity_Beam_mantle1Made from a single reinforced Trinity* beam. This mantle now lives in Brooklyn NY.