The story of the bar cart from reclaimed metal.

I had been thinking about making a bar cart and I knew that my brother had a bunch of left-over hardwood oak and maple flooring in his barn. So I go to his house and as I am grabbing some maple flooring to make one cart, he mentions that there is a bunch of scrap metal in his dump trailer next to the garage.  Soon I am digging through the metal and I find these two curious looking tractor cab frames. I am thinking that possibly these metal frames have potential to be my first bar cart and that the wood version might have to wait. So I bring the reclaimed metal frames to my shop.

Tractor Cab

Tractor cab frame (before).

I disassemble both cabs…

Tractor Cabs (disassembled)

Two tractor cabs broken down.

Once I figured out that I would have enough metal to make the legs and a top, I proceed with fabrication. About a week and a half of work my first reclaimed metal bar cart was completed.

Hope you like it as much as I do.